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Accesz- a name that brings life to your imaginations

Accesz is a medium of trust and perfection. We excel in paint, decor, and maintenance services and thrive to do the best for our clients. Whether you need commercial or residential paint services or need maintenance of your workplace, we have everything in the store for you.

What do we have in store for you?

Accesz offers a variety of professional services that include:

 Commercial paint services

We have the most professional and finest...

Residential paint services

We know the value of your home, and we endeavor...

Power washing


We have the most competent and powerful...

Decor services

We excel in decorating your home or workplace just as...

Service and maintenance

Maintenance of homes and buildings is a struggle if.....

Our services are an array of our commitment, dedication, and excellence.

Want to know more about us?

Accesz is a trusted name across the Aukland region for professionalism, supremacy, and dedication. Accesz- giving quality service for decades.

We are a team of professional and trained painters and decorators who love to paint your imaginations. With our incredible services, you will get the best payoff at your given time.

Why are we a good fit for your needs?

  • Highly competent team

We have a well-trained, skilled, and dedicated team of painters and decorators who leave no stone unturned to give their best to brighten up your day with their remarkable services. Our team is always there to cater to your needs and execute every goal with perfection.

  • A keen eye for details

We have a keen eye for every detail and instruction. Our incredible team ensures that your preferences and requirements are their utmost priority. We make sure to execute every detail mentioned professionally and efficiently.

  • Round the clock customer support

Any questions in your mind? Our customer support team is always there to help you out with everything you want to know about our services and procedures. We are here to talk round the clock.

  • Time to time consultations and discussions

We commit to having a prior consultation and discussion about your requirements anytime you need. We are there to listen to your thoughts and understand your visions. We ensure to execute the way you want us to do.

  • Commitment and dedication

We are always committed to giving you the most effortless and convenient paint and maintenance services. Our dedication and hard work do wonders for our clients.


  • Your comfort our promise

Your comfort is our topmost priority. We ensure to work without adherence to your privacy and convenience. We commit to giving our clients the best services without disturbing their comfort and retreat as we know its value.

  • Your imaginations brought to life

We thrive hard to bring life to your imaginations. Your requirements and needs are an essential part that we cherish and ensure to give you the most efficient services according to your needs.

  • Our services your way

Your requirements and directions are the things that we follow. Your visions, instructions, and wishes are the most significant and will always be. We dedicate ourselves to giving our clients the best paint and decor services at the best quotes and time.


Why do we do all the talking? Our client has a lot to say about our commitments and perfection in what we do. Our clients are the most celebrating asset that we cherish. We dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to giving you the most efficient, timely, and perfect services that speak for you.

Accesz- a blend of perfection and supremacy

Accesz is not just a name. It's a sign of perfection, timely execution, efficiency, and supremacy.

We strive to make our work the best among the rest. Our commitment and dedication are our recognition and help us give our heart and soul to our work.

What makes us exclusive?

Our professional and efficient services and the highly competent and trained team make us exclusive and essential. With excellent commercial painting and maintenance experience of nearly decades, we have marked our place amongst the best paint and decor service providers all across the Auckland region.

Services that we excel in:

Commercial painting

We have the most professional and finest commercial paint services that will endow a new and refreshing look to your construction. Our well-trained and experienced painters are our assets who know how to bring out the best from colors. We are incredible at painting every type of commercial project efficiently and flawlessly.

Residential painting

We know the value of your home, and we endeavor to color your home the way you have dreamed it to be. Our painters know how to create magic with their work without agitating your privacy. We make sure to take all the necessary measures for your safety and privacy and give you the best painting experience with us.

Home and office decor services

We excel in decorating your home or workplace just as you want it to be. Your ideas and our execution would surely give a new look to your home that would grab the attention of everyone. Our decor speaks of our dedication, commitment, and perfection. You name it, and we do it. We decorate homes and workplaces just to the needs of our valuable clients.

Power washing service

We have the most competent and powerful equipment and skilled workforce that give you the best power washing services according to your needs and requirements. You plan, and we execute it the most incredible way. Our power wash sure makes a difference and would make you fall for our service again and again.

Detail service and maintenance

Maintenance of homes and buildings is a struggle if not managed wisely. Our exceptional and professional maintenance services not just save your time and hard-earned money but give your construction a new and improved look never seen before. Our perfection and execution will make you love our services.

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